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Rx Card: Savings Up To 75 Percent On Some Generic Drugs

Average discounts for cardholders is 30 percent off manufacturers' suggested retail price, with savings in some cases up to 75 percent for some generics, he said. The website's home page has a portal to information about costs under "Medication Pricing Comparison."

"Oregon Rx Card is supported by the manufacturers," Stocks said. "No taxpayer dollars are used with this program."

The card can be used in any pharmacy, with Safeway being the "preferred pharmacy" for the program, he said. Like the state card, Oregon Rx can be used by anyone of any age, including those who are uninsured or underinsured, and residents who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits or for drugs that are not covered under certain health plans.

According to Stocks, the Oregon Rx Card program is administered by United Networks of America, which describes itself as "one of the largest providers of value-added managed care products and services in the United States."

Stock said the program is "powered" by Restat, a company that describes itself as "the nation's largest privately held benefits manager."

Residents can download a free drug card by visiting www.oregonrxcard.com. Cards also are distributed at many doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals across the state. Physicians who wish to distribute free cards can contact the website. Anyone not able to download or otherwise obtain a card can visit any Safeway pharmacy location in Oregon and simply ask the pharmacist to process the prescription through the Oregon Rx Card, Stocks said.