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Oregonians saved $97M from free Rx discount card

The free Oregon Rx Card offers residents deep savings off retail prices for brand name and generic drugs.

The Oregon Medical Association has documented just how deep. OMA announced that Oregon residents have saved $97 million with the card, which is used by patients who lack prescription drug insurance, who have high deductibles or who take medications that aren’t covered by their plans.

The Rx Card, an OMA partner program, offers a savings of up to 75 percent off retail prices. The card is accepted at 68,000 participating pharmacies.

"We encourage Oregonians to use the Oregon Rx Card because they can rest assured they’re receiving the best discounts, and because their personal information will not be compromised," said Aaron Ragan-Fore, OMA's director of marketing and communications, in a statement.

Those who are interested can print a free, secure Oregon Rx Card coupon and check medication pricing at oregonrxcard.com. They can visit any Safeway pharmacy to ask to have their prescriptions processed through the Oregon Rx Card program.