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Medication access card equals patient financial savings

PORTLAND, Ore. The Oregon Medical Association (OMA) is pleased to announce savings of $97 million to date for Oregon residents through use of the Oregon Rx Card.

The free Oregon Rx Card, an OMA partner program, offers Oregon residents savings of up to 75% off retail price for brand and generic FDA-approved medications. The card may be useful for patients who do not have prescription drug insurance, have high deductibles or take medications that are not covered by insurance.

The Oregon Rx Card program is completely confidential, and has no membership restrictions, income requirements, age limitations, or applications to complete. The card is accepted at 56,000 participating regional and national pharmacies.

As a proud supporter of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and local CMN Hospitals in Oregon, the Oregon Rx card program makes a donation to local CMN hospital each time a patient uses the Oregon Rx Card.

“The OMA is pleased to work with Oregon Rx Card to increase patient access to necessary medications,” said Aaron Ragan-Fore, OMA Director of Marketing and Communications.

The Oregon Medical Association’s endorsement of Oregon Rx Card as a partner is based on the program’s HIPAA compliance and completely complete confidentiality. Unlike some other prescription drug card programs, the Oregon Rx Card never uses purchased lists or engages in data mining.

“We encourage Oregonians to use the Oregon Rx Card because they can rest assured they’re receiving the best discounts, and because their personal information will not be compromised,” said Ragan-Fore.

Interested Oregon patients can print a free, secure Oregon Rx Card coupon and check medication pricing at oregonrxcard.com, or visit any local Safeway pharmacy to ask to have their prescriptions processed through the Oregon Rx Card program to receive a discount on their medications.

Supplies of coupon cards are available by emailing info@oregonrxcard.com or calling 877-279-3424.

The Oregon Medical Association is an organization of over 8,000 physicians, physician assistants, medical and PA students organized to serve and support physicians in their efforts to improve the health of Oregonians. Additional information can be found at theOMA.org.