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Oregon Rx Card Testimonials

I just saved $20 on my antibiotic medication using this awesome program! I also referred my neighbor who like me doesn't have health insurance, and he went and filled his prescription and saved $17! Thank you Oregon Rx Card - I will be referring everyone I know!

Jesse D.
Klamath Falls, OR

Many of our patients have benefited from using the Oregon Rx Cards and they are very grateful for this program. The cards are a huge help to our patient population which is largely made up of the underprivileged. Also, the website being available in different languages is especially helpful for our patients who speak Russian and Vietnamese. Thank you again!

Ruth T.
Salem, OR

I wanted to say thank you for developing the Oregon Rx Card program for those who do not have any health/medical insurance. I have passed this on to people who have been struggling to pay the high costs in prescription medicine as well. I would not be able to buy my prescriptions without this card. I am a student, a single mother, and I work part time with no benefits. Again, thank you for all your time, hard work, and making this happen for us.

Millie J.
Wilsonville, OR

Along with quality service, we always want to provide value for our patients. The Oregon Rx Card is one way to assist our patients with lowering the cost of their personal healthcare.

Joshua K.
Eugene, OR